Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bible Talk

Gerard Baker, The Times Columnist from London, some time back wrote an article in ‘Bible Talk’ making fun of Obama – how he claims to part oceans and bring peace and prosperity to America. Baker is well known Conservative, pro Republican in the current American election cycle. His article was classic from literary point of view and instantly became the article of faith among GOP folks. As they say in Media world, it set the ‘meme’ for Obama as the ‘savior’ celebrity.

Today we get the reply article by Roger Cohen in NYT.

There have been occasions, Cohen has set the fire among Liberals for some of his views. Yours truly has been not a particular fan of him too. But that aside, this article is rebuttal of what Baker said earlier; graphic description of what Bush has brought to this land. Solid, worthy rebuttal.

Sad part is what EJ Dionne said in Washington Post - ‘Does the Truth Matter Anymore?’ in contemporary American Politics. The way things are going, it seems none and stage is getting slowly set for GOP lies to triumph one more time in American politics.

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