Sunday, September 07, 2008

Elephant in Sara’s Glass House

(This blog first appeared on my Barack Obama blog. Reproducing here.)

May be Americans need to visit India and understand opinions of reasonably literate voters when those voters come across a politician who is having his or her latest baby with the difference of few months from his or her newly born grandson or granddaughter. The difference between Palin’s youngest son and coming baby of her teenage daughter will be few months (8 months in case of Sara Palin).

Yes, Sara Palin is ‘great’ because despite testing his latest baby for ‘down syndrome’ she signed for the moral duty of tending her child. Yes, Sara Palin is ‘great’ because even when her teenage daughter is conceiving baby before marriage; Sara signs herself to the duty of taking care of her daughter and her coming baby. She is ‘carrying this cross’ all for principles and her sense of moral duty. Absolutely great, that is the true ‘light’ of morality and may be after Jesus it is Sara only.

The problem with this is that she is ‘not’ running for ‘papacy’ where ‘morality’ and ‘bonding with God’ are the exclusive criteria. Unfortunately she is running for American Presidency (VP position in specific). George Washington did not fight with the British Crown to found a theocratic state nor Jefferson took the troubles to establish a state where government ‘set ups’ her citizenry for high human price when we mortals fails. We are aware of Sara Palin’s inadequacy of Constitutional understanding (pledge of allegiance was created by Founding Fathers!); but it will be wise and quite useful for her to read American Constitution again. Reading Bible again and again can not be a substitute to read American Constitution.

Question is what do Americans want - the government headed by McCain – Palin would make their already tough life by demanding further moral purity or Americans want the government which does not unnecessarily complicate their life by intruding in how they should conduct their private lives? What is happening with GOP’s infatuation with Sara Palin is her policy of ‘strident anti-abortion and abstinence only’ is getting imposed on Americans regardless of consequences to their lives. What government do we want – the one which imposes ‘high moral bar’, failing of which results in dramatic human costs because that government refuses to adopt less intrusive policies or the government which refrains from meddling in people’s private life? As others have pointed, Sara Palin is all over Terri Schiavo again. Sara Palin’s family is the exhibit A of what happens to your family if insistence on moral high standards comes at total disregard to possible failings by ordinary folks. Sara may have the ‘moral fiber or strength’ to bare consequences of these private choices (as McCain loves to point); but what right American government has to increase such punishing price for others? Actually it is Sara Palin’s GOP which is Big Brother – they are forcing morality on people’s life and pursuing a policy which essentially makes people to pay high price for their failings. Again, American Constitution is not Bible. It is laughable that with such policies America wants to compete with China and India in coming century! What travesty!

So contrary to Obama – can we talk about Sara’s family and direction of her ‘family policy’? If it is going to make my daughter’s life miserable; then it is NOT off limits.

But alas, under the grab of political correctness, cowardliness and narcissism (media discussing whether media has been fair to Sara); we are unlikely to hear this elephant in Sara’s glass house. However, may be people’s ballot box would speak. Just a hope.

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