Thursday, October 23, 2008

Charles Krauthammer – A Senior Fool

Naturally Charles Krauthammer is not a fool because he does not want to vote Barack Obama. Hey, this is Democracy and everyone has to respect political choices of everyone else.

Charles is ‘fool’ because he is stupid enough not to ask straight forward simple, commonsensical questions and give sensible answers to those questions. He conveniently forgets why lots of Americans are reluctant to vote for John McCain:
- first of all, why is Regonomics, the traditional laissez-faire policy of Conservatism, not responsible for the financial mess America is in and has brought in rest of the world too?
- next, how Hoover like policies of John McCain are of any use to address this mess?
- And finally if John McCain has taken pains to articulate an economic policy antidote for the current economic crisis, then what is that? Remember John McCain is self admitted person to not know much about Economics.

It is height of ‘tone deafness’ to write the column what Charles has written on a day when ‘Sir Prints-a-lot Greenspan’ puts forward his mea culpa. Indeed this gang of ‘old white alpha males’ – starting with John McCain himself, followed by Charles Krauthammer, Bill Kristol and Victor Hansen – is pretty useless for America. McCain – American will soon decide whether he becomes the President or not. But for rest of the gang, they will still have their jobs to continue punditry. And that is where the rub is – in Obama Administration (if he gets elected) such a low level of criticism and shallow political analysis will not serve American people. Just because Washington Post is gracious enough to pay Charles to write such crap does not mean such useless columns would serve American people. Lack of ‘good criticism’ is the starting point of failed democracy and America has enough of such failed democracy in last eight years.

American needs good critics. Old hat Krauthammer is not one of them, regardless of whom he votes.

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