Sunday, October 26, 2008

Need for a strong GOP

With the ‘rally cry’ of Progressives in Newsweek and an excellent essay in his Daily Kos diary; Kos is on roll. In his essay he talks about how GOP will resurrect itself in coming days and who will be the personalities to watch. May be West Coast Progressive’s think similarly; but when Kos talked about Mike Huckabee in his essay, he exactly crystallized what so many of these West Coast Progressives have been mulling.

See, we all know how Democrats at State level have screwed up California. When prison guards make $150k+ annually, when shipping clerks at Newport Beach makes $130K+ annually and when Police unions have insolence to keep on asking more money in times of great destitute in State of California (proposition on ballot to ask more than $900 millions for additional cops); we know that we are in a deep hole. Gray Davis deserved the boot from Arnold, but California is still not free from the excesses of Democrats at State level. There are many states like California in the union. Not for nothing in the end Tomothy Egan writes in NYT that how a strong GOP would help reduce the stranglehold of Dems in Seattle.

There is another reason why we need strong Conservative force to check Progressives. Tom Friedman in his latest NYT column provokes his readers to imagine difficulties faced by a hypothetical Silicon Valley Bank when it has to justify a bank loan to a risky startup in front of a Congressional Committee lorded by Barney Franks of the world. Friedman rightly wondered how ‘socialism’ of recent bailout and instincts of Democrats in coming days to adopt ‘Big government’ will make America not to take entrepreneurial risks in coming years. That for sure will be the real danger along with Protectionist agenda of so many Dems.

Big Government policies create conducive environment to cultivate Labor Militancy. One just has to look at the Boeing Strike by Union folks there. Boeing is the only manufacturing part of American Economy which is really working, their order book is full and in general Boeing is on the right trajectory compared to tail spins of Automobile industry. The workers at Boeing are for sure paid well. In this economy having a job is great in itself! And yet those workers have entered into 48th day of the strike. In process what has happened is workers at Boeing Suppliers have lost the job as Boeing stopped deliveries from it’s suppliers! Yes, this is that classic ‘labor cannibalism’ at work; the movie we have seen so many times in past. Just for few incremental demands at Boeing, workers over there have pushed other marginal workers over the cliff.

We know that this is how devastatingly Labor Militancy works and this is how ‘socialism gone wild’ looks like. Exactly that is the responsibility of Obama and Progressive Politicians of today’s era:
- to categorically say that they would not pander labor; and
- would not meddle with labor and companies to stifle entrepreneurship and growth.

Well, never mind; to expect Obama to talk this on the stump and Congressional Dems to come forward to be prudent on this front is to expect Bush and Cheney to say publicly that they were wrong about Iraq war. That is not going to happen.

Solution is to have strong, coherent GOP to do this job; the GOP which is not beholden to lunacy of Kristols and Neo-cons. That is what Kos talks in his essay.

However, this does not mean to vote for McCain. The only thing in America’s interest that can happen is to defeat McCain because he has failed to (and has never been interested in) articulating how to address problems of today’s broken economy and conduct foreign relations without resorting to shenanigans of Bush. His campaign has been like Hillary in early days – these Washington honcho’s are entitled for White House. In case of McCain, that is because he is ‘mavericks’. What a baloney. As Krugman says in his NYT column, he has never been serious in this campaign.

Best is GOP of McCain is defeated. What we need is a coherent GOP of post-Bush, post-McCain era.

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