Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Classic Narration

If you want to know what a classic political historical narration looks like, you only need to read Sidney Blumenthal’s article in The Guardian. The tone is impeccable, facts are right and the flow is very impressive. The biggest thing with this article is - so often it is hard to come above from the ‘little game changer things’ which all pundits try to chase; but this article has avoided such cheap temptations. Sidney does not hesitate to look at the big picture and call a spade as spade.

Granted he is a Democrat and the paper The Guardian is Lefty and facts picked for the article can be selective. But still the power of excellent narration is clear, text is crisp and in a short space the whole ethos is well traveled and brilliantly articulated.

The other article is by Adam Nagourney in NYT where he explains the impact of 2008 Presidential Election in terms of advancement of political process machinations and leap jump in ‘technology and financing’ of presidential campaigning. Again, while most learned observers are engrossed in ‘trenches of competitive politics’; Adam takes an elevated view to state and underscore what has just happened. It is a very revealing piece.

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