Saturday, November 01, 2008

Job of a Politician

The problem with contemporary GOP is its blind following of Regan. Regan cut taxes and hence it must be good to cut taxes no matter what. Regan ‘deregulated’ industries and hence deregulation must be good no matter what. Regan sought to reduce government intervention in public life; it must be good no matter what.

Regan was right for the context in which he became the President. When he started his term, the excess of intrusive, overly regulated, high taxation policy had crossed limits what Americans could take and his job was to bring that pendulum back.

Today, America needs a President who understands that ultra Right policies have been ruling America far too long for the good of America. Any time we have a President who has allegiance to an ideology rather than welfare of folks; we have a failed politician on hand.

The job for a politician is to utilize a particular governing policy as a tool to resolve the core problem on hand – security and welfare of people. Everything else is incidental. A politician’s job is ‘communicating’ a policy as a means to resolve the current public problem on hand. The genius of a politician is to define, to demarcate - at times expand the scope and at other times to contract the scope - what is a public problem. Refusal to be open minded in caricaturing a public problem and its solution is not being a politician. There are names for that and those are ‘ideologues’ and ‘fanatics’.

That is what GOP has been. Simply stated, GOP ceased to be a political party.

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