Monday, November 10, 2008

Political Entrepreneurship

Most recent presidential candidacies have been exercises of personal political entrepreneurship…

George Will correctly characterizes what happened last week.

No matter how much I adore Barack Obama or no matter how much his win has been audacious or no matter how historic the win has been; Obama’s campaign has been a ‘start-up’. A start-up in political arena.

Barack Obama could have played safe and simply accepted VP role under Hillary after early wins (and early losses like New Hampshire) and Hillary could have won Presidency too in this pro-democratic cycle.

But Barack Obama took the risk and it turned out to be the Google IPO of Politics in 2008. He romped home.

Is it bad? George Will sounds so. I am not so sure. But again I am not so dumb either to visualize a complex world of tomorrow, say 2 or 4 decades down the line, where no society will be comfortable to ride so much with a single individual. Just look at today’s global economy and then we start to grasp how Herculean task it is for any single individual to influence in effective manner in a reasonable time frame – including the White House resident. It is a time honored dictum – an individual can ‘screw’ up the things a la Bush style; but to ‘build back’, a single person may not be sufficient.

Given that – will we be far away from thinking what George Will is pointing in his article? Those are some tough questions to ponder on. May be I prefer the ‘cool-aid’ of Obama and forget to ponder on these weighty issues.

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