Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yes, we can!

It is one of the most fulfilling days of my life. I feel happy, lucky and glad to see this happening.

It reminds me a beautiful, bright Tuesday morning early this spring; way back when Hillary was the force to reckon with; before the primary results. Our old lion - Ted Kennedy - came out that day and cast his lot with Barack. Victory was far long then. The limelight in that endorsement was still not with the man Barack. It was with the old guy - Ted Kennedy. Why I remember it is because Ted has been the living, classic symbol of American Liberalism; the one battered and hammered by Bush & Rove company all these years. When Ted endorsed Obama; we dreamy eyed, perennial losers thought “yes, we can have some safe hands” to which the torch of American Liberalism can be passed.

Today Barack Obama fulfilled his promise and potential.

Now on to the hard part – listening to those who harbor suspicion about liberalism and making honest efforts to work with them.

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