Saturday, December 20, 2008

George Bush

As many smart minds have pointed, most Bush haters confuse between our misery and Bush’s failures. For not all of America’s ills President Bush is responsible nor are World’s problems going to go away when Bush leaves White House. True he sets the example and so on; but for God’s sake this is a mature Democracy, with Media which can pull down a miscreant president and institutions which are set by great presidents over centuries. Let Americans be not so small that like a fool we ignore our own failures – Republicans and Dems equally – and try to pass all the blame to Bush. Very soon Americans and rest of the World will realize; Bush is gone, the lightening rod of ‘hate’ is gone; but all of our problems are not gone.

Many on Left (Krugman, Yglesias and others) may hold Bush as worthy of impeachment or even war crimes. But most Americans would differ for reasons. Bush was not corrupt in any literal sense, he did not have sex where it was not supposed to be, the guy had reasonably sterling belief in Freedom and gumption to waste his entire political legacy on that. Yes, he made politics out of Freedom fight, but it is much better for a politician to play politics of ‘good ideas’ than ‘hate’. Further, as Peggy Noonan points, he did keep us safe and it is rightful for him and Cheney to boast that ‘there can not be any debate’ about this fact. And by the way he did not deserve a size 10 in Baghdad, but a road or an airport named after him; or even better a university named after it (George Bush Freedom University?). That is fine, we Americans will realize eventually that true leaders of world have to travel on the path of shoes and brick brats. Truth is in a sense we Americans have envy for Iraqi folks – our President staked more for them than at times he helped us. And that is the point – Americans with 230 plus years of Republic are expected to have means to tend to themselves when our Presidency might have been occupied outside USA.

Two moments which defined Bush’s presidency on positive side of the ledger – his speech on Ground Zero after 9/11 and his audacious move of Iraq Surge – are nothing but to be proud off. No true American ever would want her President to fail but it is sad that George Bush failed to help we Americans on occasions (not just Katrina but any other moments). However, equally no true American can deny the sincerity of George Bush and his efforts in making good of mistakes which happened.

His Presidency surely could have been better, but that is no reason for we Americans not to thank him. Sure, you may love this country so much as never be able to tolerate Bush Presidency; but let us not forget Americans make the presidents and we Americans eventually go beyond our Presidents too.

In the season of love and forgiveness, time has come for us to move on; beyond George Bush II Presidency.

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