Saturday, December 06, 2008

Pervert Labor Advocate

LA Times should be ashamed of publishing such a labor union pandering, irresponsible article at the time when nation is gripped with Big 3 Auto Bailout; necessitated in the first place by the excess of Unions and Job Banks. The solution of one Prof. Jonathan Cutler to save Big 3 Auto companies is to unionize Toyota and Honda plants in USA! Yes, you read it right – bring down those guys who are doing fine and who have been playing by the rule. Amazing, just one Democratic victory can make these guys run amok. America’s enemies do not need to do anything. First, we have George Bush & Dick Cheney; then we got Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke (what was the deal in not buying CDOs a year back, as JJ Cramer was hauling then, so that mortgages at lower rates would start flooding the market- the root solution?) and now we get these pathetic labor professors to bring down whatever is left of American industry.

Can some one show this article to Sen. Shelby – the Toyota and Honda Senator from Alabama?

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