Sunday, January 04, 2009

Blago Burris Fiasco

It is one of those things where general public thinks that politicians will take care of the mess but then find that indeed our esteemed politicians have dropped the ball. First it was Illinois state legislatures – they should have promptly kicked out the Governor Blagojevich once it was open knowledge that he erred in his political judgment. Waiting for the full prosecution or publishing of critical pieces of charge sheet was like throwing a lifeline to that useless politician. May be it is the sign of how many of these Illinois state legislatures might have owned their ‘chit sheets’ to the corrupt governor. In any case, America’s state legislatures are ‘third class’ in many states and Illinois state legislatures is no exception. (Any takers for the first in the batch of ‘third rate’ state law makers i.e. California State Lawmakers? They are their own species and personification of political incompetence.)

But then what happened with American Senate and why such a show of spinelessness? Why wouldn’t Senate Leader Harry Reid close this farce once and for all and say that he will simply not allow nomination Burris to come even near to Senate? Why are Democrats hesitant in saying that ‘American Senate is not the place where seats are reserved on the basis of color of the skin but where seats are won by the public will’? Burris nomination by Blago is blatant pandering to black voters and one hell of a dirty ploy. Why this hesitancy in calling the bluff of Blago? Here is a corrupt politician who throws a political challenge to American Senate and these majority Dems simply cringe in rising to the occasion. What a shameful act and waste of precious legislative time on a distracting issue.

Sen. Reid is complicit in compromising integrity of Senate by not stopping Burris in track and for sure conceding Caroline Kennedy as NY Senator. Dems are looking more and more like India’s Congress Political Party which perpetuates nepotisms of highest order. Democrats are digging their holes here.

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