Saturday, January 31, 2009

Daschle News on Super Ball Weekend

Some things are truly bipartisan in America – management of Media Cycle. Obama Administration is no different than Bush Administration, may be a notch ahead of Rove and Co. in playing Media Cycle like fiddle. May be it is indication of Daschle’s importance that one of the most revelry weekends when Americans do not worry about Politics is chosen by Obama to release details of Daschle troubles. By now the pattern is familiar – as like every Friday after market close FDIC declares take over of newly fallen banks in America; bad political news is released by White House on Friday. Oh, and it is quite useful that Andrew Card, Bush’s Chief of Staff of 6 years (horrendously long term for that cockpit position); blathers about dress code in Obama White House; more useful that Media attention goes to that useless stuff.

Sometimes it looks as if Obama has a secrete drawer and he has the list of ‘bad news items’ to be released in that and he works his calendar with David Axelrod, Rahm Emmanuel and Valery Jaret company to decide which news goes on which weekend.

When it comes to Media Management, no other political class in the world competes with Americans. They all are class apart. Funny thing is it hardly matters however for any effective management of public affairs. One can not be sure how much of such Media suaveness helps public in the end.

Coming to Daschle fiasco – what do we say? This is the second case after Geithner. Obama’s Transition officer John Podesta seemed to have done a great job. But looking back the record does not look so shining or blameless any more.

Bottom line is Obama needs Daschle and Daschle will be useful to American Public in the end. So once again we gulp the soured medicine, accept Daschle and move on. Daschle himself is a great gentleman, at least which is what his Media image is; so hopefully he gets an opportunity to fix our health care mess and he delivers on that.

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