Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dianne Feinstein - Out of Her Mind

Generally the senior senator from California, Feinstein, is quite likeable and is ‘with the flow senator’. However, at times her political moves are quite surprising and occasionally very annoying. Her support to Burris appointment is one such callous and totally misplaced political act. In the first place, she ignores the proprietary of process here when a ‘clouded’ governor attempts to usurp the political legitimacy. Governor Blagojevich has clearly lost credibility, no matter whether the charges are proven or not. It is saying like we needed to prove Eliot Spitzer’s extra marital affairs in the court. Looks like by sitting along side with Sen. Vitter and Sen. Larry Craig; Feinstein has given up on political credibility and integrity.

Secondly, she is worried that by ignoring this governor appointment, the governor’s power of appointments to senate will be undermined. So what? Like so many vestiges of past; we have this undemocratic practice in USA. There should be election plain and simple for all senate positions to fill when these senators go for greener pastures in the middle of their terms. Feinstein is falling on her face in defending such ‘undemocratic’ practice in the first place. It is just way too ‘cozy club’ arrangement all these senators are used to and expect to continue such practices in perpetuity. Sadly Dianne Feinstein is falling for an aristocratic practice even when it is utterly untenable. I guess next will be Feinstein campaigning for Carolyn Kennedy. All these appointments are ‘freebees’ and in the end corrupt. They do not have any iota of sanction of public will. Best will be America scraps this entire governor appointment business and conducts elections for vacant Senate and House seats. Let governors concentrate on conducting businesses of their states.

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