Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Afghan Gibberish by DC Powers

Couple of days back Washington Post published two articles about America’s Afghanistan policy – one by Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen and another by a ‘nation building’ expert visiting Afghanistan (Edward Joseph).

Rightly so WaPo post-global discussion is criticizing Mullen piece as ‘Pentagon Management Speak’. Indeed it is. Adm. Mullen started giving example of how Romans established justice when a recalcitrant general resorted to spoils of victory on a loosing province. Adm. Mullen confused Afghanistan for a state in our Union! Let us get it straight:
- Americans are dyeing in Afghanistan so as to kill Osma Bin-Laden and
- Not to have any more terrorists in future.
America is not there to establish ‘trust and loyalty’ with DC. That was what done in past centuries as more States joined to American Union. Are you asking Afghanistan to be your 51st province of the Union? Then forget such Pentagon crap of trust and loyalty.

In another article Mr. Edward Joseph argues that Afghani folks do not know how to fix their country. So what happens when a Martian talks to Rep. Cantor of GOP and Rep. Obey of Dems about Obama’s stimulus? Will it give the impression that Americans know how to fix their economy? Or can a banker on Wall Street and someone whose house is foreclosed in California agree how to get out America’s mortgage mess? Afghani people not knowing how to fix their country is not the issue because Americans in the end are not there for nation building. How can a bankrupt nation bother to solve problems of others? Let us forget that and not waste our time in worrying how to make Afghanistan a civil nation. That is not the task we have in front of us.

The level of misinformation and absence of focus in both these articles is breath taking. Equally irresponsible is WaPo in publishing this garbage. Trouble is our Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, though highly competent and respectable figure, is completely off-base in this regard.

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