Sunday, February 15, 2009

California - An Intractable Problem?

When Democrats in Sacramento foolishly declared that they have necessary votes to pass their latest budget compromise; one just laughed – when would these morons change? May be never.

As expected the latest compromise failed.

To repeat, the well known root causes for Californian’s Political Crisis are:

1. Proposition led democracy where public straps elected representatives by guaranteeing money for their favorite measures, diverting the general money pool without bothering to secure steady sources.

2. The constitutional amendment requiring 2/3 votes to pass a budget.

3. Never learning Democrats and their inability to control the spending. Democrats in California are a special ‘breed’ itself – they can never control government spending. These Dems are always pampering Organized Labor - Prison Guards, Police, Fire Fighters, Teachers and any sundry labor union. Essentially these Unions are holding Democrats at ransom. These spineless Dem politicians are simply a tool of Organized Labor pursuing policies which are detrimental to common folks.

4. Finally, gerrymandering of electoral districts has given rise to ever intransigent Republicans who are nothing but ultra ultra Rightist. As a result we have a minority opposition party which has absolutely zero interest or stake in undertaking any political compromise.

So with the latest budget compromise failure, the level of shame towards Californian Politicians has climbed one more notch. The real hope for common Californians is as this ‘shame and failure’ builds; the realization of throwing away non-working arrangement of California’s Constitution dawns on everyone. Unless California goes away from this disastrous political arrangement to make the political playing field competitive; California will continue its race to the bottom. The current failure is one more stop in that journey. The question is whether the end is near or there is still untold misery lying ahead.

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