Friday, February 20, 2009

Classic Counter Attack

It was very much expected that Rick Santelli’s rant on Chicago Trading Floor would go viral on Internet. That is what Internet stuff is made off and Rick / CNBC exactly knew that it will be an instant hit. Hit it was and in matter of days we will get an entry in Wikipedia about what is ‘Santelli Chicago Traders Tea Party’. Druge called it as ‘traders revolt’!

And now we have White House on classic counter attack.

White House would be out of mind not to respond Santelli. Oh boy and they are doing it in style and effectively.

When dust settles, this whole Santelli affair will be a classic manifestation of how ‘politics and high stake games’ are played on Web in Obamaland.

Bravo, Obama and Press Secretary Gibbs! We need these rebuttals.

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