Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Daschle Withdraws

With the kind of stinging criticism by NYT Editorial board and other newspapers, it was not easy to continue the nomination. This is a strong set back to Obama and to his goals of Health Care Reforms.

The good part is as Boston Globe says, ‘Brand Obama’ will remain intact. Secondly, American Media gets something under belt. It did not get fooled by news leak on Super Ball Sunday. In a way, this is a powerful moment for the Gray Lady. Washington Post missing on this is bit understandable because it is a ‘beltway’ newspaper. As like how NYT will be lenient on Hillary and other New York politicians, WaPo is easy on beltway tantrums. Hence, Post’s bit easy editorial.

I thought Geithner nomination was in trouble because of his wrong call on Lehman. Though I proved to be wrong, I stand by that opinion. With Daschle, I thought Americans will have to accept this compromise for the larger good. Only after Boston Globe’s criticism it dawned that it was big of a compromise. In the end more sane minds than this mere blogger prevailed and Daschle withdrew. This is good for eventual Health Care Reforms and that is the third positive out of this story.

Overall, Obama folks becoming more cautious on this front is indeed a positive outcome. Celebrations on Mall on Jan 20th is not the only manifestation of Democracy. What has transpired with Daschle nomination is a powerful reminder that striving for lofty goals is the crux of Democracy and that is not a monopoly of Obama Administration only. Even our vilified Gray Lady can rise to the occasion.

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