Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obama at Zenith?

When celebrated traders on Wall Street dare not to talk about ‘class war fare’ in public even though Obama’s budget is clearly giving them a shaft; we know we are on to something.

But Peggy Noonan writing this piece in Wall Street Journal, you wonder is this the zenith of Obama? It certainly seems that he has become the lightening rod he promised all along. The best part is the stylistically smooth manner in which he is pulling off this affair - radical reforms.

Of course, a smart and gifted writer like Peggy Noonan is unlikely to miss the power what Obama is wielding no matter how much silken the delivery is. One reads her latest article breathlessly waiting for the inevitable show down where Peggy pulls down the curtain; but in her latest Obama op-ed it ends on a high note. Something is achieved here, gained here by America.

True, in the end the question is how much of this sticks around and how well the ‘recovery’ is cooked. We will wait.

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