Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Big Bang Theory of Governance Questioned

Exactly for this reason – Obama Administration / Treasury unable to track how bonuses are paid to folks who brought disaster to America while playing nice about stem cell research, education, health care reform, taxes and enemy combatant – Obama’s Big Bang Theory of Governance (we can do everything together) is questioned. It is legitimate to ask would it not have been productive if all the time and energy Obama would have spent in ensuring how tax dollars are well used rather than making ‘stem cell research show’? What did that show bring tangibly? Why it could not wait?

The fundamental job of White House is ‘keeping us safe & secure’ and ‘using wisely our tax dollars’. Everything else is ‘song and dance’ which can come later. Sad to say, it seems President Obama is missing here.

Further, Peggy Noonan is right – this Administration’s obsession with ‘political correctness’ with appointments, has landed it and American Economy in soup. Who cares for ‘spotless Lilly white candidates’ if in the first place you can not find those and it takes inordinate time to seat those to make some real difference? Why not filling the bench at Treasury in today’s economy is dereliction of duty for Obama Administration? We know what this White House does – will leak couple of appointments in a day or two while one or two might have withdrawn. In one fell swoop President Obama needs to fill the entire slate (at least 10 appointments) at Treasury.

Think about it, chasing the horse after it has left the barn (chasing AIG bonus money), would need one full time senior person with a staff. That is diversion from the regular work which in itself does not have sufficient time with this Administration. Lack of folks in positions is carelessness of highest order.

AIG Bonus Fiasco, as President himself has said, is not about dollars and cents. The question is how on earth the same Administration can tell UAW to open their contracts and reduce the pay? It is a writing on wall that Obama Administration will be beholden to Labor from this moment onwards. It is quite likely to become the infamous Gray Davis Government of California, totally controlled by Big Labor.

This means, American Economy has lost a golden opportunity to tame and right size labor. President Obama will be responsible for that.

Finally, the honeymoon with this Administration is over. It is more and more looking like Obama Administration will have its own Donald Rumsfeld – Tim Geithner. So let us brace 4 more years of Presidency which is always covering a non-working secretary, the one who has much higher ‘maintenance cost’ than warranted.

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