Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Co-opt One of Them

Weird is the politics. If couple of months back anyone would have said Rush Limbaugh and JJ Cramer will be the ‘fully consummate enemies of Obama White House’; nobody would have believed. But then again no one would have believed GE at $7 or less; Bank of America struggling at $3 and essentially bankrupt America overall; so we leave it there.

Rush – the case is simple, going forward White House needs to be more sophisticated in playing ‘Rush as GOP face’ game. Every Tom, Dickey and Harry in the world know how White House trapped Rush & GOP and how Dems are having a comic relief. But the danger is in over playing (like Rush claiming that Obama does not have guts to have a debate with him and so on…). So Rahm Emanuel of Dem party needs to be much smarter in exploiting Rush-Steele weakness of GOP going forward.

JJ Cramer – the case is bit different. One solution for Obama White House is to co-opt him in the White House Agenda. The guy has earned his chips, is with reasonable integrity (for sure more than Obama’s Treasury Secretary, but then again any one can ‘up’ Geithner); and in the end on the right side of the battle. His beef is ‘let us earn money first and then bother about fair distribution’. This is as good as you can get on Wall Street. Naturally, for all good ideas of Cramer; he does not have to deal with Frank Barneys, Max Baucus, Mitch McConnell and more importantly Arlen Specter and Maine sisters (Sen. Snowe and Collins) of the world. There are few small things called election campaign and winning elections. And our friend JJ Cramer has forgotten those, but Uncle Obama can forgive him for that and still bring back this lost sheep.

Cramer sounds like a guy who wants to be with Obama but is simply posturing as a combatant. Why spend energy fighting him when he can happily carry water for you if cajoled once?

So when do we get any audience with Sun King Obama for our poor rich Cramer?

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