Thursday, March 12, 2009

Palin Family’s True Colors

As expected Bristol Palin’s fiancée and father of her young baby, Sarah Palin’s grand son; has decided to call it quits. The young lad and his mother were never interested in any serious commitments and that has come through. If McCain-Palin ticket would have won, that would have been a different matter. These same folks who are bailing out on Palin family would have stuck around for the obvious benefits.

Normally, who the hell would bother if a young misguided couple decides not to take family raising responsibilities seriously. It happens all the time. Palin family’s case is noteworthy for all the mess it would have heaped on America’s public discourse.

Sarah Palin carries the wrong notions of ‘abstinence’ only philosophy. What is more, given a chance she would have such a policy for American public despite the fact that within in her own family she is unable to apply any of those principles. Not only ‘Palin family’ is disaster because a teenage pregnancy is not avoided; the family lied to public in expressing non-existent family commitments of these youngsters. I guess when Mother and Daughter have babies with the age difference of few months only; there is something seriously wrong with the Palin Family.

Thank lord Americans avoided the disastrous choice of McCain-Palin ticket. Of course the policy solutions advocated by the duo were completely wrong, but with credibility in tatters in their personal lives; trust would have been always an issue. But the danger is not completely gone because Palin entertains dreams of running for President in 2012. By then, her GOP will brand photos of Palin’s son playing with Bristol’s son – two adoring kids playing; one more commercial for her campaign. However, we are confident of one thing – the ability of Sarah Palin and her family to offer ‘new screw ups’. When the original family stew is so rotten; there will be always dirty linens to be washed in public.

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