Friday, April 17, 2009

Andrew Sullivan and American Torture

If there is any guy who has been painstakingly following up the issue of ‘Cheney’s Torture America’ way earlier than many others, it is Andrew. Here is what he has to say on this matter ‘The Bigger Picture’. It is worth reading.

The first dumb reaction is, many adults including this blogger, feel that ‘we understand something big and important is happening here, but we can not comprehend all the philosophical connotations of what is going on’. It is that not just WaPo Editorial, but critical minds like Andre Sullivan also feel that our Philosopher / Legal Scholar President have walked the thin rope competently and morally. However we Americans are so engrossed in our ‘recession, bank stress tests and layoffs’ that we are refusing to look at the bigger picture.

But when one reads lines like ‘If you want to know how democracies die, read these memos’ it startles you into awake state. We start to rise to our adult duties – to understand, comprehend and be vigilant so as to not let repeat torture by American Rulers.

‘Democracies die…’ how prophetic! Around 30 years back when Sanjay Gandhi was ragging havoc on populace of Delhi in Indira’s Emergency Rule; I was a school going kid not in the position to understand fully what was wrong; though fully aware that something terrible was happening. Being young kind of excused me from not accounting for that. But so many Indian adults understood how India’s young Democracy was dyeing in the process. And they made it change, India changed; averted herself from the terminal path of pathological society where torture is the norm in the name of Politics. Things may still not be completely solved in India, but she has one solid moral uprising under her belt.

And then one starts to understand the gravity of what is coming to light in USA. There is that ‘hard to describe shame’ in the air. Conservative literary luminaries like Peggy Noonan and critics like Charles Krauthammer may not talk about that; but these are in a sense darker days of American Democracy. But such days are essential. Obama needs to clean this dirty laundry, needs to undertake this cleansing process. It is one of those days when a sun ray brings you the hope while you are still struggling the morass.

Then it is all up to us how we never let this happen again. With friends like Andrew, we have genuine help to do what we need to do.

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