Friday, April 24, 2009

Midpoint in 2009 Loksabha Elections

As more reports are coming that Congress Party may not do well in the end (the bar is to better 145 seats held by Congress in the last parliament); all third party leaders like Sharad Pawar, Mayawati are getting emboldened to claim PM gaddi. The funniest jokers of these are Karat and his Left cohorts. These Lefties are still smarting from the Indo-USA Nuclear Accord which they opposed tooth and nail. Lefties want to punish Congress of Singh-Gandhi with the argument that Congress is not doing well electorally despite the real possibility of Left themselves would loosing at least one third of their own seats!

If it comes for Congress to yield the PM post to these non-BJP parties; Congress should simply ‘support the government from outside’. In any case Congress should not change from their PM candidacy of Dr. Singh and leadership of Sonia Gandhi. Even if Congress puts another candidate like Pranab Mukharjee for the PM post, the animosity towards Sonia Gandhi will not be reduced. Sonia is the natural leader for Congress and she needs to be Congress’s leader for some years to come; until Rahul’s experimentation with intra party democracy evolves to a certain maturity.

Congress can not say that it will not back a non-BJP government since it is obliged to support a secular government. But being the largest party and its national stature (winning seats from all corners of the country); PM should be from Congress. If these non-BJP parties do not relent, then backing from outside is an alternative. History has shown that such opportune alliance would not even last for a year and at that time Indians will realize the folly of going with instable parties at the national level. Till then ‘hang in tight’ should be the mantra for Congress and that is good in the end for India too.

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