Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Obama Speech

You remember why you voted for this guy – straight talk man, straight talk. Today’s speech is great. Great for how a leader should communicate with his people, great for clarity, scope and the vision espoused. It is a lesson in political communication and reminds us why this President is one of the ablest politicians on earth.

What amazes you again and again is the fact that our ‘rulers’ understand the complexity of the world economy and are ready to analyze it in fuller extent. No doubt, George Bush’s inability, disregard and scorn for details and reality, plays here and surprises us that indeed an American President can understand all this.

Obama is talking the right stuff and now the task is to make his Administration walk this talk. So far, he and his Administration are reasonably on the right track. Though folks will have serious doubts about his ‘banking bailout policy’; he has made at least an honest and reasonable argument in support of his policy. Truth is, including multitudes of Nobel Laureates in Economics; no one has silver bullets for the challenges American Economy is facing. The solutions are going to emerge after lot of wrong starts, trial and error. The issue is whether Administration and Congress are vigilant enough to keep on trying with credibility all that it takes to come out of this funk. With this speech, Obama is doing the credible job of explaining how his Administration is going about this business.

The only small issue I have with this speech is, he very effectively described how and who created this mess. The question is will he prosecute those responsible? So far there is no talk about that because understandably ‘dousing the fire’ is the first order of the business. But at some time, American Political System needs to prosecute and punish the culprits. One hopes that at some point President Obama takes this issue.

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