Monday, April 13, 2009

Piracy Non-sense

On the back of some exceptional military work by few specific Navy Seals, President Obama got some political success is a different matter. The real story here is what this WaPo Op-Ed demonstrates – the lunacy of international law enforcement and politics.

USA and many other nations will spend millions in guarding Gulf of Aden, Red Sea and other piracy infected area but will not develop a system by which these billion dollars worth cargo ships are properly armed. Heck, we on USA Main land have gun killings every week. Americans would allow one of the disastrous gun control laws of the world on main land but would forbid having guns on merchant ships and tankers and in the process would make their Navies to spend millions in patrolling these troubled waters as well as spend enormous money and political capital in some risky rescue operations.

President Obama says he wants to develop a policy to deal with this issue in co-ordination with other countries. We will see how it develops. But it is rest of the world which also needs to do it’s bit and not just allow over 200+ hostages in Somali badlands and many dozens ships captured by these pirates.

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