Sunday, April 19, 2009

Prudence on Wrong Policy

For a while President Obama has been hitting back his critics that indeed he is not taking ‘too much’ in terms of policy initiatives.

And now we know our smart Administration will come forward and flash one policy issue for which they would wait instead of going in hurry along with other initiatives – ban on ‘assault-style weapons’. That is what Administration’s political brain Axelrod said so on Sunday TV talk show.

Administration and Axelrod think their voters are ‘dumb ass’ folks. No we are not. No matter how much Axelrod denies that the Administration is afraid of NRA; their actions speak louder than words (not just of Chavez and Cuba). How many times exactly President Obama have used his ‘bully pulpit’ to drive this ban through Congress? Why is this Administration hiding behind the ‘busy schedule of the Congress’? It is their job to goad Congress. Not only Obama Administration does not want to do that for political expediency, it wants to be ‘half smart’ by bluffing us.

What a choice also for prudence! American and Mexican people are dying due to the havoc raged by freely available war machines and President Obama wants to be choosey about what fights he picks up! Shame. We thought saving people’s lives should be the first policy preference.

Truth is unless we have total bloodbath - every day for months we wake up with scores of people killing news, sons and daughters of Congress folks getting killed, family members and relatives of ‘powers be’ die - we may not see anything on this front. Like how ‘racism’ has been the curse on this country; free flowing gun culture is far severe curse and there is absolutely no political will to take on that. May be our Politicians think that still enough blood has not spilled to address this issue.

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