Saturday, April 04, 2009

Running in Shadows of America

Generally when many commentators say that lot of countries want to have ‘a free ride with America’ (Martin Wolfe from Financial Times in particular); many Americans take that as one more boasting from Republican types. After all it was Rumsfeld and his GOP which relished in deriding other countries that those countries have been riding ‘coattails of America’.

But reading an article in Global Edition of NYT, one realizes how true indeed it is the case for many countries. There is a large Czech constituency who wants America to continue the Bush path of drunken indebtedness and war waging legions roaming all around the world. How disgusting.

Indeed it is true that many in world apply ‘their version’ of America and expect to fulfill all those contradictory expectations even at the cost of Americans themselves. That is the reason why President Obama had to chide an audience member in his Europe tour that ‘he is American President and not Chinese’ and his first order of the business is protecting Americans. Again and again many in the world make the mistake of expecting Americans to do things which will serve ‘their agenda’ under the grab of ‘American Exceptionalism’ when such an act is at the cost of Americans.

May be the primary reason is these societies don’t know that elected politicians of their own country are there to serve interests their citizens. In other words for these countries, more the failures of home grown, grass root democracy; more is the dependence on America and more are ‘expectations’ from America. In the case of China, they do not even have elected politicians to address their concerns legitimately. As China starts playing a leading role in G20 such contradictions will start coming out prominently. In the end for a group like G20 to be a legitimate ‘problem solver’ of the world those who come there representing their countries will have to be legitimate leaders.

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