Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Public can be Fool

Californians are at ‘it’ again – throwing the financial sense and well being of the State. Public is so frustrated with state politicians that only 19% voters voted in the special proposition election. No wonder ‘right wing nut’ succeeded in thwarting all sensible way out. Granted, the propositions were no panacea and final remedies. But they were expected to buy time for the next couple of years to fix long term issues. Now California does not have that and basically, painful cuts will be made by late summer. With public school getting hammered, public is going to suffer first hand impacts of all this folly. I mean Californians have been so idiots that it is well documented that some of the special children programs have excess money and it could be diverted to general schools. But not, Californians did not accept that and now we have anomaly where normal students are going to lose the education whereas special children programs have excess money which can not used.

Something is seriously wrong with the state of California. May be the only solace is finally the fiscal Armageddon will hit the common public and that will wake them up from this spell of stupidity.

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