Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Redemption of Rajeev Gandhi

With the death of Prabhakaran of LTTE, former Indian PM Rajeev Gandhi’s murder has been brought to justice. Rajeev’s son Rahul Gandhi solving the problem of ‘irrelevance of Congress Party’ in Hindi heartland; the core political missing piece is in place too – how to avoid over reliance on Tamil MPs which subjects India’s Foreign Policy to Tamil parochial considerations at the cost of national interests. It is all coming together in some kind of Devine Scheme. Slowly but surely wounds of Rajeev Gandhi’s murder are finally healing.

One just has to remember how brutal and totally destructive LTTE has been – more than 70,000 people died. Rajeev Gandhi’s body was decimated into more than 36 pieces which they could not reassemble back. That was a dog’s death. That monster Prabhakaran, notwithstanding his smiling photos, is finally gone along with meaningless killing.

No one is denying human rights abuses by Lankan Sinhalese Army. But to institute a human rights tribunal to ‘dig’ all that dirt – one cannot be sure of that. Europeans may have such kind of luxury, but a country like Sri Lanka has to move on. What is credible is that the country has regained her unity and keeps her democratic tradition alive. As what Lankan President said – Lanka needs to bring Tamil in the mainstream and find a way to move on peacefully. International Tribunal somewhere in Europe will be a needless distraction and worse, potentially peace unraveling trigger. Why go there?

Let Rajeev Gandhi and all those who died in Lankan war remain peacefully.

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