Monday, May 25, 2009

Sane Advice

“To be blunt, America is out of practice at dealing with an independent source of national power. For two decades the United States has been the undisputed global hegemon. For the 40 years before that, America was the leader of the free world. As a result, American thinkers and policymakers have become accustomed to having all policy decisions of consequence go through Washington.”

Danile Drezner, Newsweek

With India picking up her pieces after the recent election and China already on roll, indeed Americans got to get used to sharing ‘global leadership’ with other nations. Drenzer has been in a way quite understated in his comments. Larger theme of last few years with America has been:

- Americans actually applied ‘regime change’ doctrine in Iraq at enormous overall cost;

- America happened to be, at least in the eyes of global public, the reason for this global recession; and

- in the process American has become so indebted, that it really does not have any cloths.

Till American economy comes back on the track, American leaders will continue to find how rest of the world is essentially bypassing her. Till then, Drezner advice is the sane advice.

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