Sunday, June 14, 2009

American TV Media

Andrew Sullivan blog is right that American Media is moronic when it comes to covering news which matters. Sullivan blog was talking lack of news about the mess called Iranian Election. True to his ethos, Sullivan has been publishing some breath taking news about post- Iranian Election chaos. He did so earlier about Myanmar demonstration and Thailand too. His blog has becomes the place to go where we can get all these news of consequences, shamefully which are all avoided by mainstream American TV. In case of Iranian news, this omission is actually harmful because what happens in Iran has in a way direct consequence for Americans. It is not just ‘universalistic’ instinct of Sullivan. But even there, Media drops the ball.

Indeed Andrew is living life of an ‘internet revolutionary’ here. Fantastic and seminal contribution to world politics. Hopefully as more news gets spread all over the world and Mousavi organizes nationwide strike in Iran, we will know whether the end will be good or bad. Key will be whether Rafsanjani gets to remove the supreme leader Khamenei.

While reporting about these updates, Andrew is also taking on NeoCons in America. These NeoCons (Max Boot for example) are disgrace to America. Their own leader, George Bush, rightly or wrongly went down supporting such grass roots democracies in far, far lands whereas these NeoCons want theocrats in Iran so that Israel and America can pursue wars with it. Really these NeoCons are dastardly folks who essentially want American Empire. When ‘grass root’ democracies take hold, these very same so-called freedom loving people cringe. Shame on those and great that Andrew Sullivan is taking on them.

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