Sunday, June 07, 2009

Follow-up on Cedar Revolution

Rafiq Hariri’s son Sad Hariri finally got the hard fought victory in Lebanese Parliamentary Election and the ‘cedar revolution’ continues. FPM Michel Aoun was supposed to do well, but looks like FPM was not able to win more than 50% of Christian vote and that kind of sealed the fate of opposition. As a result Hezbollahs are denied the victory. Americans must sigh in relief with this result. Saudi and Egypt also backed Hariri coalition. With that, Obama’s approach of balanced Middle East policy will not be jeopardized in its infancy. Hezbollah may feel okay because with their brand of politics, being in ruling coalition is never easy. But all said and done, Hezbollah being denied the bully pulpit of a governing party is a good thing in the end. This is because we have seen what happens when such an extremist party rules, exhibit A – Hamas in Gaza. So all in all it looks like Obama’s grand Middle East Plan has avoided the first death trap and that is good.

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