Friday, June 05, 2009

Italian Orgies

If one reads these reports in Elpais and BBC; it is hard to conclude apart from regularly arranged orgies in Italian PM Berlusconi’s home. They say in history books that eventually Roman Empire collapsed due to open orgies and decadence. PM Berlusconi has always lived a colorful life and now wants to go into the footsteps of those long past Roman Emperors. I mean the guy finds time to attend 18th birthday of a young lady and present a gold necklace to her while trying to run business of a country of around 60 million people and all that the young lady is a model and possibly her under-age sexual partner at the age of 72! It is wonder how his legal wife stayed with him so long (she is separating now).

Italy has never been in a good shape for decades – the economy where debt to GDP ratio more than 100%, anemic growth rates and perennially declining population. Italy needs a PM who makes honest efforts to restore the house. Well, Berlusconi has different ideas. It will be not be a surprise, after this scandal, he will become pariah head of state for many other leaders in the world.

Shame is Italians are not throwing him out and putting in another competent ruler. Looks like till then all that Italy has to offer is such salsa news from time to time.

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