Monday, June 01, 2009

Misplaced Criticism

Conservative critic Robert Samuelson from WaPo says that American Media is ‘in tank’ with Obama and the press is giving him the free pass. Uh, some more yawning. From when did Americans started to take their Media seriously? Newspapers are closing in droves, people are turning away from TV and Samuelsons of the world want to cry that main stream media is not critical enough. Who cares for the mainstream media? Ever since 9/11 and Bush’s Iraq war, Americans have learnt the hard lesson about uselessness of American Media. Americans face their difficult life on their own, make their own political judgments and execute their own political decisions. Traditional media is practically irrelevant on so many occasions.

Republicans have abdicated their constructive political opposition is not the problem of Americans. Today’s GOP is spending far more time in irrelevant issues and hardly brings anything to the table - reason number one for public to find Obama palatable.

When people are declaring bankruptcies due to health care costs, Obama promised to bring health care to all on the campaign trail. After last November’s mandate, which elected politician would dare to repudiate that responsibility? Obama presented the budget where he balanced the increased Health Care costs. Go ask Congress why they are not balancing this cost. What should Obama do? Not sign that budget?

Same goes for the deficit spending. It arose for specific reasons of stimulus package and bank bailouts. The later has delivered. The former, it may not deliver most because again Congress insisted the Tax Cuts instead of any spending. Remember, Obama asked the Congress to fill in the details of stimulus package.

Going forward, Congress is hesitant in elapsing Bush’s one sided tax cuts and then how do you expect to balance the budget? Why should it be that Obama’s exclusive problem? Why does not Congress insist on a balanced budget? People understand this and that is the reason number two – Congress is more responsible for all the spending.

Obama did not mind taking the flak from Left for many policies like – photos of detainee abuse, balanced policy on torture and escalation of Afghan war. Public understands that conducting War policies and Foreign Relations are major domains for the President and what has Obama done there so as American Public should not like him? He is doing good on both fronts, war and foreign policy, and that is the reason number three for Americans to continue to support Obama.

There was a healthy debate between Cheney and Obama about the torture policy. Americans have listened both and there is nothing for Americans to lose their faith in this president.

Finally contrary to expectations on Left, Obama did not nationalize banks nor did take any overtly anti-bank stance. If at all, he has been more pro-Wall Street than many of his supporters would have liked. But for whatever reasons, his embattled lieutenants Geithner and Summers seem to solve both the bank and auto industry problem. Granted with Auto industry Obama played the Labor Union protectorate role. May be not so good. But when every month half million Americans are losing jobs, why would Americans not like a president who protects jobs as much as possible? What is wrong if Government assisted or actual Government employment increases when whole of what Private Sector offers is ‘lay offs’? Why would Americans think twice for the increased Uncle Sam involvement when for last quarter of century increased Private Sector involvement essentially enriched top guys only?

Which world Samuelson lives in? Wake up and start reporting something useful to us. Why we like Obama or why Press gives Obama free pass – who cares for such ‘meta-narratives’? That is academic. Or rather ‘sour grapes’ for Conservative critics.

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