Thursday, June 25, 2009


Good MJ died long back.

Infidelity among artists is nothing to talk about or to consider any awkward at all. Especially the way one after another how America's Family Values Party is turning up hypocrites (that stupid Governor Sanford); there is nothing unusual.

However, the case unacceptable with MJ was his pedophile antics. That is unacceptable always. No matter how great artist you are, when victims of your 'baser instincts' are children instead of consenting adults; nothing matters. It is the same way how unacceptable is Catholic Church for decades ignored pedophile priests in its rank.

I know it is not politically correct or good manners to talk bad about someone who died today; but let me be raw, uncouth here - 'good riddance'. The way the world is better off without Saddam, the world is better off without 'later day MJ'.

Fortunately with a competent black president in White House, there is no scent or need of 'black emancipation expression' in oeuvre of MJ. In any case from Coltrane to Beyonce, the pantheon of Black artistry can very well exist without disgraced MJ.

And while some talk about MJ’s moon walk, how about ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyonce Knowles? Here are the links to enjoy:
- The dance (so many versions are on Net including 100 young ladies doing it on an European city street);
- The lyrics; and
- Beyonce’s Wiki entry.

Point is good sexuality has nothing to do with degeneration and pathology MJ style.

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