Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tiananmen in Tehran

May be it is not so difficult anymore for rest of the world to realize with whom to stand. The moral clarity after the death of many defying protesters is obvious and clear. Leader Mousavi’s down the earth and eloquent speech is helping the resistance in getting necessary outlet, focus and leadership.

President Obama still may be constrained or bound by the ‘real-politick’ and compulsions of the office. But there can be a ‘resolution’ in UN in condemning these atrocities. The resolution is never going to pass with China and Russia sitting on UNSC. But the efforts got to be there. Hopefully, by then Mullah Regime and Iranian System are able to correct the course.

Today, the world saw extraordinary heroism from resisting Iranians. Salute to those young girls, young Iranians and many other Iranians of all ages. This second coming of the Iranian Revolution is led by Iranian Women, practically. How courageous!

Prayers to Heaven so as further bloodshed is avoided.

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