Sunday, July 12, 2009

China Envy

Last time I speculated about 'designs' of China's adversary, I did not mean India. Looks like I forgot some stupid analysts, possibly ultra-nationalistic, from India who would be thinking in terms of outdated 20th century real politik terms.

Times of India reports that one Mr. Bharat Varma, so called expert, is speculating that by 2012 China would attack India to divert the building centrifugal tensions within it's faraway regions like Xinjing and Tibet! How wishful and stupid thinking, totally discounting the abilities of Communist Party of China to handle their own internal tensions as well as ability to respond to changes in global economy in moving from export driven contemporary paradigm. The author claims that increasing closeness of India with USA (leaving aside the reality that Indian PM is going on limb to proclaim that Obama Administration is not ignoring India in response to a wide spread perception in international community) is troubling China. It is a hilarious claim. Why in the world China needs to worry about USA when it is holding trillions of dollars of American Bonds with total capacity to decimate USA Dollar whenever it wants. These superficial and useless analysts from India forget how pivotal China is in today's system and how mature it is in projecting it's power on the world stage.

Such analysis is completely misleading, unnecessarily provocative and hardly helping India. Instead of deepening 'strategic discourse' in India, such wishful thinking about China which is quite probably born out of China envy, would rather take India on faulty ynd damaging path of wrong headed foreign policy.

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