Monday, July 27, 2009

Economists Take Ride

Fedlstein puts forward a conveniently discredited Republican rant in his op-ed in WaPo. His argument about negative consequences of taxes on millionaires to pay health care may have some merit. But everything else in the article is futile and not convincing. He simply refuses to accept regional variations in Medicare spending; essentially denying Atul Gawande's research. Next, for him unrestrained spending of Medicare is not a problem to be addressed at all. He never talks about that. He continues to maintain that insurances are competitive and offer best or next to best deals at present to consumers. That is a canard. Finally, apart from supporting COBRA and removing interstate regulations on insurances; he does not have any plan what soever to address this issue.

Completely bogus article by Feldstein.

While Feldstein's article is a useless rant against President Obama whereas Paul Krugman offers his 'hit man job' against Blue Dog Democrats when he pulls off Rush Limbough in NYT. It is amazing how these learned economists produce third rate commentary at times.

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