Sunday, July 19, 2009

Embattled Obama Administration

Not quite often an American Administration gets such potent and multiple rebuffs on same Sunday:
- Israeli PM refusing American expectations to stop construction in occupied land (Bibi government is plainly wrong here) and
- India refusing American demand of putting restrictions on Carbon emission (basically India is right here until America, Europe and Russia agree for their past emissions).

Life has become really tough for the American President. It is obvious that next few months are going to make or break Obama Presidency.

There seems to be an impression that President Obama is soft with no toughness and political will to enforce any change on any country in the world. North Korea is simply snubbing America and may in the end land up proliferating nuclear material to terrorists intending to harm USA. Can President Obama do anything here to stop? President Obama is unable to bring Russia and China on the board and that is leaving North Korea free. May be President Obama does not have any levarage whatsoever to bring these countries on the board and that is costing a lot.

Iranians have shown least interest in any American gestures of normalization. Would that mean USA to support Israeli aggression in opening a war with Iran? But support for 'what'? It is especially hard when Israel is totally against any rational path towards normalizing relations with Palestein and continue its imperial policy of occupying land of Palesteinian people. The question is where is the blue print to solve this mess? Where are plans to work with Saudi, other Arab countries and Iraq to tame Iran and still continue pressurize Israel? It seems suddenly things are going to fall apart in Middle East. True, that is the way it has been always since enternity. But after an emphatic victory and a sensible Cario speech there was a hope that Obama Administration would have the good will and creditable plan to chart the course. But that does not seem to be the case at present. More the weakness of this Administration is perceived, lesser will be the leverage for this administration to induce any change. Perception of inability to make any change begets weakness further.

Add to it the possibility of no global agreement on Carbon emission. With India joining China in explicit refusal of any quantitive controls, hopefully Americans and Europeans finally understand futulity of their position - without accounting for their historical emission foot print since say 1900; why would India and China accept constraints which essentially give European and American industralized pollution of past a free ride? Flush with a new mandate Dr. Singh's government is in politically strong position to assert India on global stage. There is a story playing out in Asia and rest of the world that American global influence is finally on wane and there is nothing what Obama Administration seems do to stop this decline. (As far as global warming goes, may be the Sen. Feidling of Australia is right that there is much too unclear / unknown about the IPCC case against global warming! That would be easy for past pollutors like Europe & USA and current pollutors like China & India!)

The thing what Obama Administration can do - as what TV commentator Stewart mocks - 'fix the economy'. But that does not seem to happen when unemployment keeps climbing. The stimulus spending was not smart and President Obama rushed it. Meanwhile he wants to rush another expensive item called Health Care Reform in hurry which is going to aggrevate further America's deficit. On top of it, President Obama is simply following in President Bush's footsteps - completely ignoring and disowning the problem of American deficit and debt. Then why would rest of the world consider America as a serious player?

More such 'bad Sundays' are on way unless President Obama becomes serious to set America's house in order. He is smart and capable. The only question is whether he has the will to address these problems in systematic manner without any ideological blinders. Unfortunately, recent Administration policy measures like taxing Americans to fund expensive health reform proposals and scant regard to fiscal discpline are not any hopeful signs.

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