Sunday, August 16, 2009

Belting out Woodstock in Cupertino Civic Park

That is what is going on with teenagers from Cupertino, electric guitar riffs and drums of those songs. I guess this is follow up on what Washington Post reported yesterday how teenagers were doing 'Rock and Roll' on Mall in DC as a respect for Rockers 40 years back. Indeed if this is what is going on all over USA, I say it man, that is great. That is good for this country, in the same way 40 years back Woodstock helped the country then to survive the psychological wounds and mutilations inflected on America.

Audience of forgone Woodstock era needs to make honest efforts to pass that legacy and heritage. What greater way than encourage young rockers, in many cases their children and grandchildren, to present their art, enthusiasm and love for this country on Woodstock anniversary. Let us hope this succeeds and becomes a part of strong American tradition, a solid way to strengthen what Woodstock offered to the world in the first place.

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