Monday, August 10, 2009

India's Responsibility in Climate Change

Arvind Panagariya writes a very sensible article in Forbes about India's responsibility in Climate Change. Context is the recent spat between Jayaram Ramesh and Hilliary Clinton.

Arvind hass one solid argument - when India has at the most 20% carbon foot print of China (which equals now of America, together which they probably contribute 40% of world carbon emission); how much do we gain by suppressing India's carbon foot print which is very likely to come at the cost of her economic development? Not that Arvind is against India adopting measures to reduce carbon emission, it is just that he is pointing essentially 'diminishing returns' when India is forced to control emission.

It looks like in the end leadership and responsibility of Global Climate change is America and China. They need to move first and with deep enough measures.

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