Monday, September 14, 2009

Absurd Solution by Tom Bevan

Tom Bevan of RealClearPolitics has an absurd solution on his blog to raise money for Health Care Reform. He wants rich Democratic Senators to give money to Fed!

Where were Bevan when George Bush was falling short of Dollars for Iraq war, No Child Left Behind Act and 'Donut' benefits of Medicare Prescription Drug expansion?

Really, these Conservatives and GOP guys are loosing screws of their brains left and right. I would expect some basic 'brains' from Tom Bevan. But looks like he is lost. It is shame to have to such commentators in this country with useless ideas.

So many of these GOPers are simply not accepting basic lesson of Democracy - you loose power and gain back afterwards too. When George Bush was waging a war and sending thousands of young sons and daughters to slaughter house in Iraq, nobody said why Bush's daughters or GOP Senators sons and daughters were not fighting? Why is that only Jim Web's son,Biden's son were fighting? Why is that to same rich people George Bush was giving more tax cuts all along?

Point is so many Liberals just lived and accepted the Bush as President. However, these GOPers are simply not accepting a Democratic President and Dem majority for now. Nobody came forward with absurd suggestions like what Bevan is doing during those GOP times.

Grow up Bevan, grow up.

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