Saturday, September 26, 2009

India's Afghan Problem

Two blog entries of relevance here are:

- a sensible one by Matt

- and the foolish one is by The Acorn of course

My comments are there on both those blog posts.

Essentially Matt is pointing to the destabilizing effects of India's involvement in Afghanistan whereas The Acorn wants Obama to continue the Afghan war mindlessly because in their surreal universe it helps India by keeping Pakistani terrorists engaged in Afghan, fighting along with Taliban against American soldiers. Simply put, The Acorn wants Obama to fight India's war in Afghanistan, fully paid by America. The Acorn thinks 'realpolitik' means India hitching on 'a free ride'.

The real deal to be made here is - America to pressurize Pakistan to hand over perpetrators of 26/11 Mumbai attack to India and then America can tell India to restrain all her activities in Afghanistan which other wise makes ISI nervous and destabilizes the whole region.

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