Sunday, September 06, 2009

Israel as Bully

Well, some will argue when was Israel not the bully. But at least now it is clearly a bully and it is adopting intransigent policies.

What is the game plan of the Ultra Right in Israel, likes of Haredi Jews of Israel? May not be much different than extreme Islamists on the other side - continuous, perpetual land grab. That is what the latest Bibi government announcement amounts too. If such a non-compromising act takes Israel and the region to precipitate the current situation, so be the case is the attitude of Ultra Right.

One gets the feeling that there is a pervasive sense among Ultra Right in Israel that the world owes them to support their extreme land grab as a moral duty in response to what Hitler did to them and how the world failed to intervene then. Ultra Right thinks that it is the moral duty of rest of the world to continue to back such disastrous policy. Cunning understanding behind such reckless behavior is in the end the world and USA will stop the annihilation of Jews despite such astounding militant behavior in the first place to ignite such a catastrophe.

It is this sense of 'in the end USA and the world will save us' that needs to be broken. As of today, Israel and its Ultra Right is not negotiating as a rational party in this dispute. It is a party which is making unyielding demands with an explicit game plan of torpedoing any resolution by leveraging the on ground advantage. The walls around Gaza and West Bank have stopped suicide attacks for now. That has emboldened Ultra Right of Israel to push forward new settlements in occupied land in a continued land grab.

It is this 'sense of entitlement' which President Obama needs to break. It will bring the region on the brink of war. But showing some nerve right now is far more important than to fall for the games of Ultra Rights in Israel.

In the end it needs to be brought to the minds of Haredis of Israel - just because Jews would be annihilated in Israel due to their stupidity does not mean Humanity will stop to exist. Mayans were wiped out. Angkor Wat People were wiped out. History is full of People who in the end succumbed to their own failures to 'adopt' and 'change'. Tenacity to survive three millennium is no guarantee to withstand their own stupidity in the changed world.

Today billions of young people in rest of the world, they don't owe anything to craziness of Ultra Right in Israel. If Israel people feels still to carry on this aggression, let them drive themselves over the cliff. Rest of the world - we will move on. Jews of the world will in the end pay the ultimate price for their own failure to stop the march of Ultra Right towards disaster. Humanity - it will perfectly live on studying Judaism and Jewish culture in Museums and History courses.

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