Sunday, October 11, 2009

Afghan Resolution

It is classic Obama process - let the Public, Media and Events eventually coalesce on a policy he wanted, as a result of which it becomes politically feasible to sale the policy. Notwithstanding foolish and utterly irresponsible interpretation by California Senator Feinstein (look for her awful Sunday talk show comments) and many like her in Senate; following things indicate how finally the resolution to Afghan problem is unfolding:

- Richard Hass writes a classic Op-Ed in Washington Post arguing for the middle course;
- Fareed Zakaria presents a compact case for not adopting McChrystal recommendations; and
- Rawalpindi attack on Army HQ starts percolating minds of people and make them ask serious questions.

This all means it now seems quite possible (I would bet now on that):
- President Obama is unlikely to adopt McChrystal recommendation as is and he at the most may order 10K additional soldiers under the grab of training troops.
- Afghan President Karzai will have to share the power or have the entire election nullified (UN Chief is finally speaking now). Better will be he is booted. But it seems tough now he will be allowed to have his free reign of the affairs continued.
- Administration will play a hard ball with Pakistan in forcing them to accept all the proposed (or even some new) conditions attached to the aid package.

And as far as folks like Sen. Feinstein and Sen. McCain go, who never learn from their disastrous Iraq vote (oh yes, she was one those laughable Senators who backed Bush without applying her own judgment); probably the world will move on. I wish Sen. Feinstein reads Frank Rich's column in New York Times and makes some honest efforts in being a responsible senator rather than abducting her responsibilities of sound strategic judgement in national interests. We only talk about folks who has some chance to repair; Sen. McCain is beyond repair when it comes to war related policies.

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