Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama Peace Nobel

This is a surprise. I think it is quite early in the game for this President. There was a hunch that eventually this President was going to win the Nobel Peace Price. But so early in the inning is a surprise.

This means that contrary to what many Americans think, the world seriously thinks that this President has started the inning quite well. Of course, two years of a solid presidential campaign and to be the first African American President count too.

Obviously, keeping with more activist role of Nobel committee in recent years (look for yesterday's literature Nobel to a Romanian born German writer, 10th German writer!); this prize is more towards keeping an eye on future. It is an attempt to ensure that this young Presidency continues the current path of 'deliberation' in world matters instead of veering on the road of ill fated Bush adventures. It is also to strengthen his hand against Iran and against Conservatives in shrill Afghan policy debate. The prize is also a nod for reducing the missile menace to a some extent on E. European soil. (VP Biden is going to have far easier trip now to Eastern Europe.) The world liked when President Obama presided the UNSC meeting with the unanimous vote for the eventual nuclear disarmament. President Obama's efforts in moving to next stages of START (nukes and missiles treaty with Russia), is also a welcome move.

In no small measure, America's co-operation with world economies and G-20 to address current crisis is well worth too. (Larry Summers - behind the screens must be a happy guy; he contributed immensely to these rescue efforts. Eventually he and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke will get their Economic Nobel too.) Helping to bring G-20 to forefront, that has been a good contribution too.

Looking forward, Iran negotiations, Copenhagen Climate Treaty and China Bilateral Relations; all may have some positive effect. It will be hard for Obama (and Congress as well) to go to Denmark and not to have serious 'climate control' commitments from America.

On the other hand, this prize may put little bit of 'expectation burden' on this Presidency. But it is expected that President Obama and his Administration will be able to handle this burden very well. There is no doubt that he is capable of so and chances are that he will deliver on this promise.

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