Wednesday, October 14, 2009

WaPo Af-Pak Remedy

Washington Post puts forward it's remedy for nullifying challenges posed by Taliban. One crucial point, and the right one, which this editorial makes is that Taliban not only are aiming to capture back Afghanistan, but would like tohoist eventually on Islamabad too.

According to the WaPo Editorial the remedy is not emptying the Afghan theater of war, presumably by adding more soldiers there. The problem here is, the only fully flushed out Afghan war plan from Pentagon is the General McChrystal plan where he wants to go away, on purpose, from 'fighting a war with Taliban' to 'protecting Afghan population from Taliban'. Now that is quite a difference of strategy and objectives. Unless WaPo Editorial puts forward a war plan to fight Taliban in Afghanistan; the proposed remedy appears to be non-implementable until then.

America's current forces in Afghanistan have achieved removal of Taliban from Kabul and have kept it that way. Credibility of Afghan presidential election is the issue to be sorted going forward there. Such an approach without adding substantial troops can create a vacuum for Taliban to re-occupy part of Afghanistan; that danger is there. But by engaging in Pakistan, if Taliban or more important terrorist / militant outfits are cleared; that will be a core redress of the problem on hand. Then to co-opt part of Taliban (Afghan version of Sunni participation in Iraq?) or to always keep them away can be handled since already the half of part keeping them 'away from power in Afghanistan' is attained.

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