Monday, November 09, 2009

Some Stupidity of one Nidal

This Fort Hood murder had some nerve to advocate that American Military to relive Muslim American soldiers from fighting against other Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan! Surprise is how was he not 'court marshaled' at that point itself. How did American Senior Military Professionals allow that non-sense then?

Do we need examples here? What about so many Indian Muslim soldiers died in the war against Pakistan in defending Hindu majority India? Sometimes one really wonders, this country - America - does not get what is Secularism and how to live in a society where people of different religions come together.

This whole Fort Hood affair is tragic but disgrace to Professionalism of American Armed forces and hopefully they would deal with it resolutely.

Update - Andrew Sullivan reports a moving story of a Muslim American soldier sacrificing his life for his comrades in Afghan war.

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