Friday, December 04, 2009

Krugman Misleads

If you read Paul Krugman's latest NYT Op-Ed, you would be mistaken to think it is the Centrist Democrat who are the real problem especially when Krugman blesses the bill for it's cost control measures. But if you read the Time article which points out critical failures of the proposed bill on cost control account; you can clearly see Krugman is simple 'spinning' the bad bill in making.

That is sad. We need folks like Krugman continue to insist upon Congress to summon the courage in limiting the costs. Read the travesty of Medicare Commission and one realizes it is not the Centrist Democrats, but Sen. Reid who is the villain here. Unfortunately, for all the talk of toughness, Obama White House is letting Congress this bad bill.

Krugman on so many occasions compromises factual information to purport his ideological agenda. In that sense he is no different that ideologues on Right. In the end, folks like Krugman bring more damage to this country and it's good debate than being helpful. It is a disgrace and shame.

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