Monday, December 28, 2009

Lucky Obama

Indeed Obama Administration is lucky that on the Detroit bound plane it was an inept terrorist who tried to blow the plan. The plan flopped, fortunately no one died and essentially Obama Administration escaped.

However, in future the Administration is unlikely to be so lucky since there are no early signs that the Administration is eager to address the two critical failures:
- failure to block boarding of the suspect after knowing few details about him (UK had banned the suspect from entering) and
- failure to co-ordinate appropriate security check practices with foreign airports for USA bound flights (not that American airports have any great system of security checks).

With the ham handed handling of this whole affair by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano (first she claimed that the system worked and then admitted the failure); prospectus are not good here. So far observation of most Americans is she does not have a clue that it is actually her responsibility to get the act together.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton unfortunately is also going to have tasks drawn on her hands - why did State Department fail in blocking visa for the suspect? It is very, very difficult to imagine someone who is dangerous to UK will not be dangerous to USA. This begs a question about the basic co-ordination with many other nations (at least with friendly nations like UK) in this matter. As news reports are, still the basic matching name of a terror suspect with the prepared list is not complete with all airlines, not it is accurate enough.

Unless President Obama finds some one better than the current Homeland Security Secretary who is more skillful at articulation as well, chances are that the Administration will have to be apologetic in future too. That Department has failed to alert Americans about the 'privacy compromises' which Americans have to do in order to minimize the risk.

Unfortunately next time, lives may not be spared and for sure that will be a political challenge (for right reasons) hard to contain for President Obama.

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